Types of Birdhouses that You Can Build For Your Pets

Different types of birds require specific styles of birdhouses. In order to create a good home for the birds, you must give what they require their houses to be. It is not enough that you nail small pieces of wood, put a small hole at the front and expect the birds to stay in there. You must first study the natural habitat of these animals and recreate it on your custom-made birdhouse.

Birdhouses are classified according to:

Type of bird

Birds are hardwired to create a particular style of nest for their babies. If your birdhouse is not based on what they need, these birds will not stay on your constructed birdhouse.

The Purple Martins, for example, love to stay together. If you are to create a birdhouse for them, you should provide at least four entry points for them. Keep the birdhouse high enough to prevent predators from feeding on the birds but it should be low enough to stop other birds from nesting inside the house.

Another example is the wood duck. Some ducks, like the ones that are native to Hong Kong, prefer to have houses that are at least three feet above an open water. The hole must be at least 3 inches by 4 inches for them to comfortably sneak into the birdhouse cavity. You cannot ask them to ride a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Hong Kong and commute their way to your birdhouse.

Number of entriesbird house

The number of entries will depend on the type of bird that you want to house in. Some birds can get very territorial and would want only a single entry and exit point for them. Other birds exist in colonies and prefer to stay in groups.

Your main concern here is the size of the birdhouse. The larger the number of holes, the bigger the birdhouse will be. You can shop online and look for birdhouse manufacturers that can produce custom-made products for your needs.


Your options for the material of your birdhouse are plastic, ceramic, wood, metal, or fabric. The material to use will rest on the type of bird that you want to give a home to. A more expensive material would mean a higher price point. Get special discounts for birdhouses by searching for the best deals online.


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