How Birds See the World

Do you wonder how these amazing birds see the world? They must see the world differently in the way they live their brief life on Earth. Birds have a special connection with nature. Slight difference in nature is felt by birds. Let’s find out more.


Birds See Everything in Living Colours

Birds are not blinded by any material things. Feed them and let them be with nature is sufficient for them to be happy. Birds see everything in living colours. Universal gutschein states that birds have a special set of eyes both literally and figuratively. Literally, because their eyes are set up differently than humans, and figuratively because they seem to find joy everywhere they go. Birds have a higher cone to the rod in their eyes which is responsible for our capability to detect colours. When you see red, the birds can see more. They can see a hint of green, pink, and yellow. They are like a serious painter who is sensitive to every colour. Sometimes, what if we have the same capability as birds. It must be nice to see the world in living colours full of wonders and magic.

They Are Natural UV Rays Detectors

birdFun fact about birds is they can detect UV rays. They are not particularly sensitive to UV rays in terms of skin because their feathers protect them against harmful UV rays. But their eyes do. The power of their eyes helps them to detect UV rays to help them avoid bumping on windows. As they grow old, they tend to lose this power which explains why birds crashing on big windows. Their ability to detect UV rays helps them to survive in this cruel world. They can sense the presence of explosive gases and would fly away as fast as possible. Ifolor gutscheincode noted some incidents where birds alerted locals about the incoming danger to the city. The people noticed how the birds fly away with terror and figured out what was the reason before the incident become fatal.

Birds Have Extreme Wide Range of Focus

Humans have the same capability. But as we focus on a certain thing, we lose sight of other things going on around us. Birds are different, they can focus on one thing while still being aware of their surrounding. They can focus on their food/prey while being aware of the dangers around them. It allows them to avoid their prey. There are great articles on lebara internet which describes in detail this ability of birds. This ability is present on every species of bird; however, there are some species who have a stronger ability such as eagles. The wide range of focus seems to be little with flightless birds.