Why People Should be Grateful to Birds

Have you read the famous novel by Nelle Harper Lee? It’s a beautiful, priceless piece to remind us that people can be careless and heartless to harmless beings. We tend to forget that as humans our essence is to understand, give love, and show respect to others. Birds of any kind are not something people really value these days. But let us remind you how their existence makes this world an amazing place. Without them, our sky will be lifeless and as boring as death.

They Remind Us of the Loveliness of Life

Television, social media, and partying are forms of entertainment we normally spend our time with. These hobbies take a part of us somehow. We tend to follow trends that are not applicable to us. We shop online to buy things we don’t need. Birds remind us that though we have nothing to flash the world so it may consider us as “accepted”, being you is enough. They fly with their wings having no jewellery, no home to go to, and no food to eat and yet, they are so carefree being themselves. They remind us that life is lovely whether you have expensive things to brag or none at all.


They Give Us Entertainment Free of Charge

They sing their heart out every morning. They flap their wings with grace. They just entertain us without asking in return. During world war I, when people had nothing, the lovely birds cheered them up and gave them hope that one day, those people can live their lives free from bombs and fear.

Birds are Great Pollinators

This world won’t survive without birds. Birds spread seeds and help in pollination so more species of plant can thrive. One example of this is the Clark’s Nutcracker, this bird store seeds inside its beak and dig holes to keep its unfinished food. Little birds such as Verdin, Lesser Goldfinch, Finches, and so on, help flowers to multiply. By the flapping of their tiny wings, they spread pollen all over the garden.


  1. Birds not only help in the natural pollination of many plants but also help on spreading seeds across a vast landmass area. They eat the fruit and leave the seeds to grow again.

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